Responsibility & Sustainability

If you have been following my blog then you know that I love the Ozark Mountains. They are very close to my heart and I spend a lot of time up there in isolation. If you haven’t read my post about why alone time is so important please do. If you have, then you know what I am talking about and why I do it.


In this post I just want to touch on a concern of mine. We are destroying our earth and eliminating much of its quiet and beautiful places. No I am not a hippy or a tree hugger but I do care about the sustainability of our world. I also care about having beautiful, natural and peaceful environments preserved for the sake of people’s minds. Having these places flourish is crucial for people to be able to get away from urban areas and their busy daily lives. A huge way we are destroying many of these wonderful locations is through poorly managed forestry companies and organizations. Our world is falling too much timber in an unsustainable way and in result we are losing many of our natural forests and mountain ranges.

I would like to say thank you to a local San Antonio tree service for practicing ethical and smart forestry. They provide a lot of lumber for their area but they do so in a way that does not leave a huge footprint on our unique and valuable mountain ranges and forests. I believe more organizations as well as our government need to act in the same manner that this tree company is. They can find ways to be just as profitable and provide our nation with just as many products while focusing on the long-term sustainability of our earth.

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Beauty Of The Ozarks

I know this isn’t that relevant to alone time or quiet time, but these mountains are important to me. They are what inspired me to go spend time alone and time with God. I searched Youtube for a video that could show some of this mountain ranges beauty for those of you who have never seen these mountains. There were not a ton of videos, but here is a decent one I found with some great pictures:

On my next trip up, I will bring a camera and snap some photos for you guys. It really is a fantastic place. Again, you do not have to go away to a place like this to spend time alone, it is just something I enjoy doing. I do recommend going somewhere that is peaceful and quiet and isolated from the world every now and then tough. There is just something special about it. Thanks for keeping in tune with my blog! I sure love sharing with you. Don’t skip over the video, trust me you won’t want to! It is short don’t worry.