Always Work Hard

Everyone should spend time by themselves real briefly to start their day. It is simply the best way to begin a new day! With that said, not everyone deserves to go out and spend time on a little getaway vacation like I do in the Ozarks. I don’t say this to be condescending, but it is very true.

There are too many people in this world that have a sense of entitlement and are not willing to put in serious work. I know I have been encouraging you all to go spend a weekend away, and I still am, but I am also encouraging you to put in work! One of my best friends who lives here in Missouri loves to get away to the Northwest. He thinks it is beautiful. He also says, “If you aren’t driven to do your best and you don’t preform at a high level in whatever it is that you do, I don’t personally believe you should be taking time to go on a mini getaway.” What I think you should do, is sit in your room or go to a local coffee shop alone and rearrange your priorities.

Figure out what drives you. Figure out your “why.” Why do you do things. Is it because of your kids, your spouse, brother, finances? Do you want to make a bigger difference in your community? Whatever it is, figure it out and go hard each and every day! Once you do that, then you deserve to go enjoy beauty and alone time.

Spend quiet time also to get better. Read self help books, read your Bible, study those who are more successful than you and have what you want. I am not saying don’s spend time alone if you are lazy. Do that to get better! I am simply saying don’t go on a vacation when you really shouldn’t be taking one! Hopefully this post didn’t offend anyone. I am just trying to be real! Appreciate you all. Email me at at anytime if you need me or have questions.