The Ozarks

alone time

As I said in my about page, the Ozark Mountains areĀ an extremely large mountain range in the middle of the state of Missouri. They are gorgeous and are where I spend a lot of my time. The Ozarks are what inspired me to spend time by myself. I am a very outgoing and busy person, but I often got overly stressed. As I started to spend more time by myself up in the mountains (I am not a mountain man, I would simply drive and hike up) I began having more control over my life. I wasn’t as stressed. I felt much more rejuvenated and dealing with and helping other people became more of a joy than a hindrance.

This blog will be about how I have benefitted from spending quiet time up in these mountains, and how you can improve your life by spending time alone as well. The world is simply too busy. We are beings that were created by God to interact with others, but we were also created to spend time by ourselvesĀ and time alone with Him. If you want to reduce your stress levels, feel more energized and be happier then I highly suggest you tune into my future posts.

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